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Okay. I didn't loose as much as I thought and my external hard disk just needed to be unplugged and plugged back in. What I did loose, though, was my graphing routines. They were a pain in the neck and I believe I will be quite content to use other programs for graphing.

I've noticed that LibreOffice is a lot quicker to open than OpenOffice with much less fanfare.

I've trimmed DANSYS down somewhat. The massive documentation is one thing that has been causing a lot of the bugginess. I took that out and am going to just keep a list of function and their syntax. I'll also be using DANSYS as a tool for my tutorials and will offer it on my website as soon as I can recode the basic functions. Then I will update it occasionally with more advanced functions.

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Sounds like you've taken on an interesting and useful hobby. Unfortunately my interest in programming got squashed early on by trying to program a TRS-80 to work calculus problems. I find the process incredibly frustrating.

There are tricks (of course). If there is code available to do what I want to do, I use that - but I have to translate from the language the code is in to LibreOffice Basic. Once I have a block of code I will be using over and over, I save it in a KeyNote file of common code. That way, I can open the file and copy the code over to the program I'm working on.

In other words, I do as little real work as I have to. That's very important when there's a virus stomping around in your gray matter.

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