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Eeeeeeee!Krsh! Crash........burn
Self portrait
Oh well. There goes another hobby.

I'm not very upset. It's not like I don't have other things going on.

Fact is, I knew that both OpenOffice and LibreOffice were unstable (at least, on a Windows OS) so I figured that the more complex these documents became, the more likely they were to disappear. DANSYS bit the dirt on December 16, 2015 (RIP).

It was pretty simple - LibreOffice just wouldn't open it - siad it was corrupted. I have a  backup from March but I've done a lot since March and I'm not about to go through all that again. I have more recent text backups of the macros and I'll probably use them in the future, but I have other statistics software, so I don't really need DANSYS.

What did I get from the exercise? Well, I became quite confident in my programming ability. I'm about to delve into Python. I will also be able to reuse the routines I've programmed for my tutorials (which get backed up everytime I update my website.

Next year, when I can see again (after glasses) I plan to start back to playing in earnest - real world playing. I'm ready to jump in to the world of the regional council (a topic I drew at random). That will involve a bus trip and some public meetings. After that, I'll draw another topic at random.

If you are having problems with macro programming for Libre- or Open-Office, drop me a line and I might be able to help you figure it out.

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